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Trends in exterior design for 2019

Summers are relatively short here in Quebec, so everyone wants to enjoy them to the fullest. That’s why it’s the perfect time to fix up your yard and make it an ideal place for fun and relaxation. To help you better visualize your outdoor space, this article will reveal the top exterior design trends for 2019.

Front yards and driveways

When it comes to paving materials for driveways and parking areas, smooth finishes and pale colors were the most popular choices in 2019. When they’re combined with an asphalt driveway, the contrast works beautifully. Natural stone borders were another popular choice among homeowners this past year. It’s still important, however, that you choose according to your own tastes rather than based on current trends, which can change from one year to the next.

Exterior design for a place of relaxation

The goal is to make the outside of the home a continuation of the inside. But instead of creating rooms, you’re creating spaces that favor relaxation and promote a sense of well-being. You might want to think about building a deck or a pergola.You can use a mixture of different materials, which will allow you to divide up the space. Natural materials like stone, wood and greenery are especially popular these days. You can create an eating area with a table, chairs and a barbecue on a surface finished with paving stones, cut natural stone or even concrete. At the same time, you can treat yourself to a relaxing atmosphere in which colorful fabrics contrast nicely with the surrounding greenery. Do you like wood? You’re in luck! Blonde and white woods have been very popular this past year. Cedar is also highly valued for its warm appearance and water-resistant properties.

For a more casual style, you can add colorful furnishings and rugs. And to top it off, you can integrate lighting in your exterior décor. Scattered in a visually pleasing arrangement, soft lights will accentuate the beauty of your exterior design as night falls.

Green spaces

People are becoming increasingly aware of environmental concerns, and this is reflected in their outdoor spaces. Plants and vegetable gardens have reappeared in many yards. To enjoy your garden as long as possible, it’s recommended to opt for a variety of plants that bloom at different times. To make the gardening experience more pleasant, consider raising your vegetable garden or flower bed by constructing a stone or wood structure.

You can also plant trees to provide shade in the yard. Or if you install a pergola, you can use vines and climbing plants. Besides being beautiful, green spaces have the natural ability to control heat islands and regulate the thermal pressure on nearby structures.

Bodies of water

To optimize your exterior design and enjoy the summer to the fullest, there’s nothing better than a pool. Compact, rectangular pools are especially valued for their sleek, streamlined appearance. You can surround them with pavers, preferably large stones. You can also incorporate materials like teak and cedar. These woods help control the temperature thanks to their thermo-regulating properties.

Placing a dining table or bench not far from the pool and building a fire pit are other touches that will add to the ambiance to your yard.

If you aren’t the pool type, you can create a water garden or even install a spa on your patio, making your back yard a perfect place to relax.

A combination of all these elements will allow you to create a warm, welcoming environment not only for spending time with your family but also for entertaining your friends. And if you would like some help with your exterior design, don’t hesitate to contact Pavages Asphaltech!

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