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What are the advantages of installing pavers?

Are you planning to refurbish your driveway or redo the landscaping around your home? To ensure that the work is successful and lives up to your expectations, meticulous planning is imperative. This planning includes the choice of materials.

Why choose paving stones?

A mixture of sand, aggregate and cement, pavers are certainly more expensive to install, but if they’re properly maintained, they’re actually more economical in the long run.

Available in a multitude of shapes, they also come in solid, variegated, light or dark colors. The texture can be smooth, crystalline, bumpy or slate-like. Whether your style is contemporary, classic, natural or eclectic, you can create a custom living space to suit your tastes and your needs.

In addition to the versatility of pavers when it comes to selecting a style that works for you, there are numerous other excellent reasons to choose them for your renovation and landscaping jobs:

A flexible material

Do you have a thousand different ideas of how you’d like to redo your landscaping to reflect your personal style? Then you’ll appreciate the flexibility of pavers. Ready to be installed as soon as they’re delivered, no matter what the temperature may be, paving stones don’t require mortar or curing. So the time it takes to install them is considerably reduced, and you’ll be able to start enjoying your new landscaping sooner.

Creating your dream patio

Paving stones are one of the most popular materials for use in landscaping projects. Their elegance and timeless style make them an excellent choice for a patio that’s attractive, solid and durable.

Whether you want to create raised flower beds, retaining walls or concrete borders, you’ll find a variety of blocks and pavers that imitate the shape and texture of natural stone.

Paving your driveway

Do you need to revitalize your existing driveway or install one at your new home? Paving stones are definitely the material that offers you the widest range of possibilities.

Besides offering an immense choice of colors, patterns and styles (leaving you free to follow your inspiration when creating your driveway), paving stones can blend in beautifully with homes of every kind.

What’s more, if you eventually need to repair or enlarge your driveway, concrete pavers can be recovered and reinstalled.

Installing a walkway leading to your home

If you’d like a magnificent pathway that leads to your front door, paving stones are the material of choice. Ideal for straight or winding paths, they can also be installed on steep slopes.

Once again, their creative potential, with an incomparable variety of patterns and colors, allows you to give free rein to your imagination, whether you want to build a rustic European-inspired walkway or something more modern.

Strong, easy to maintain and eco-responsible

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of beauty and durability, paving stones are an excellent choice. When installed professionally by the experts at Pavages Asphaltech, they can easily last for up to 30 years.

They’re very simple to maintain and can easily be freshened up from time to time. All you have to do is use a sealant on the stones and change the concrete sand between them.

If you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll be happy to know that pavers are an eco-responsible choice. Made from natural aggregate and cement bonding agents, they won’t harm the environment.

Also, unlike other materials, they contain no petroleum derivatives. Now are you convinced? On your mark, get set…pave!

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